Bus Reservation System

Bus Reservation System

Bus reservation System may be a computerised system accustomed store and retrieve info and conduct transactions associated with bus travel. it's projected towards enhancing the connection between customers and bus fleet homeowners through the employment of Web Technology, and thereby creating it convenient for the purchasers to book the bus tickets as once they need specified they will utilize this package to form reservations

Bus Reservation System is net based mostly booking engine connected with bus fleet house owners server systems, that consolidates the information from all the buses. The booking engine connected with this systems, provides higher services and rates to B2C customers and travel agencies. Major travel corporations square measure going for an internet bus reservation portal as a result of 24/7 accessibility and real time bookings.

Features of Bus Reservation System :

  • Bus Hosting System
  • Bus Inventory Management
  • Booking Engine
  • Reservation Management
  • B2C - End User Reservation
  • B2B - Travel Agents' Reservation
  • eTicketing
  • 3rd Party Interface
  • XML Out
  • Bus Mobile Booking App (Android)

Benefits of Bus Reservation System :

  • Fully Automated eticketing System
  • Seat Map Layout
  • Agent Confirmation Module
  • Add-on Service Module