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Developer Web Technology is an Ethical SEO Company which provides cost effective SEO Services to it's clients worldwide. With our organic search engine optimization techniques your site can come top of popular search engines. Not only we ensure better rankings for your site but also increase in visitors for your site. We analyze sites and optimize for such keywords which will get you visitors. Just think what is the use of getting ranked for a keyword which no body searches. Here we are different than others. Since you love your site more than any body else so you have freedom to chose your keywords and we'll optimize your site for those keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Services for effective Website Promotion

As the heading suggests, website promotion is all about getting your website getting noticed on the world wide web. Website for you means business and getting business on the web depends all upon the visitors you site is getting. Merely by having your website online does not mean a net miracle which will start throwing enquires in your mailbox.

So what is it all about Search Engine Optimization aka SEO for website promotion. Well, in simple words it is about getting your website known to the visitors who are interested in your products / services worldwide. Several resources used by visitors on net to reach prospective websites are bulletin boards, business boards, forums, newsletters, emailers, search engines.

Among all Search engines are the most popular source for reaching visitors / buyers as its most focused because people are searching for what they want from the very first point.

Search Engine Optimization is the term used for the whole process used and includes many factor including :

Onsite Search Engine Optimization and

Offsite Search Engine Optimization

Onsite Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the website pages so that they are search engine friendly (can be seen and indexed by search engines) and rank high in search engine results based on proper Meta tages, and keyword placement in the content of the page.

On the other hand Offsite Search Engine Optimization is site submission to search engines and directories, building link popularity for the site by launching a Link Building Campaign.

We don't just use any search engine or directory submission software and submit the sites, instead we properly carft Title, Description and other required Meta Tags for each page for the site and submit them to the respective search engines and directories.

Further when we take a project for search engine optimization for a site we re-design the site if required for better search engine performance without compromising the existing look and feel or layout of the site.

Our team carefully analyse the site and provide the sugeesions and after mutual understanding with the client we proceed with the process.

Here presenting a list of services that we specialize in, as part of SEO services:

Website Analysis

As the first step, we analyze your existing website and prepare a list of suggestions to improve your website’s layout, structure, content, and sitemap. We further nail your SEO-friendly website through the proper linking of its relevant pages.

Keyword Analysis

The success of SEO largely depends on the proper usage of keywords or key phrases. Mindful of this, we review, choose and implement keywords relevant to your business. We also analyze the current position of your website while comparing it with your key competitors’ websites.

SEO Copywriting

Quality and unique content is important ranking factor as per search engine guidelines. So, we have professional team of SEO Copywriter who develops engaging and SEO optimized content that not only capture the attention of your audience, but also help boost your ranking in SERP.

On-page Optimization

We follow the best practice while working on this. Right from your website’s html code, Meta tags, anchor text to URLs, image alt texts, title tags, image optimization – we look after every small thing.

Link building

Developing an effective link building strategy is crucial to the success of your overall search engine optimization strategy. Our professionals formulate quality link building solutions to guarantee you of best SEO results.

SEO Audit

We have an exceptional team to conduct SEO audit that involves appropriate review of your website’s architecture and technical framework, aside from other key aspects by way of link popularity and actions pertaining to off-page and on-page content.

What We Offer Under SEO Services

  • Website Auditing & Optimization- With a thorough analysis of the on-page elements and complete SEO auditing, we correct the imperfections and prepare the website to cater to the requirements of the users as well as search engines. This tiring process covers the improvements like seo tagging, internal linking, content optimization etc.
  • Analytics Research- Our SEO experts are the masters in Google Analytics, thus a quick comprehension of the trends and making of strategy as per such trends comes handy with us. For a detailed monitoring and timely optimization, we keep on gaining insights, analyzing web metrics, preparing goals, and implementing the right strategies.
  • Finding Opportunities & Right Keywords- Our experts blend their expertise with assorted analytical tools to explore the hidden online opportunities, especially by keeping a close eye on the trending keywords and analyzing the density of the top keywords. Getting organic traffic to your website, while complying with the latest Google updates, always remains our top priority.
  • Competitive Edge- A detailed analysis of the market competition by our SEO experts gives your business an edge, you get a tighter hold on your target audience and can prepare the strategies that hit the interests of the audience. Our SEO efforts assure you for the user engagement and quick conversion.
  • Marketing & SEO- SEO yields even more striking results when it is prudently blended with a variety of marketing tools like social media, content marketing, PR & branding and to name a few. We know the exact composition of both the tools, thus able to divert maximum traffic to your business for a quick conversion.
  • Content Marketing- We exploit the virtues of content marketing to perk up the off-page optimization process and bring more traffic for our clients. We focus on strategically distributing the user-oriented and SEO rich content across the web, thus catering to the wider audiences and engaging them with interesting facts and information.
  • Monitoring & Reporting- Web analysis forms the backbone of good seo practices. Hence, we conduct detailed analysis of the web and provide interpretable reports along with the suitable consultations so that the metrics can be converted into business. Our professionals hold expertise in analytics monitoring and consulting.
  • Search Engine Penalty Recovery- In order to deal with the moderately hit pages to critically penalized web pages, we have developed right kind of strategies as well as communication methodologies. For the fast recovery of penalized pages under Google Penguin update, we make necessary on-page modifications along with establishing strong backend follow-ups.